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We have recently adopted a high standard clean room system for our production.
This is a system with 10,000 FS209E, a prestigious standard for production of medical, electronic and food industry.
With this clean room, we can firmly assure the desired quality and thus benefit our distinguished customers.

Crossing over the continents, Bottlemate Inc. has prominently grown into a great enterprise holding with Bottlemate USA, Bottlemate China, Bottlemate GmbH, and Bottlemate Taiwan. With our advanced capabilities and systems, We serve the best solution in packaging for cosmetic industry.

At each location of Bottlemate, We carry sufficient items as standard stocked for "Ready to ship". As well, We engage great efforts to shorten our lead-time for good. We have one belief; only do we learn to improve shall customers succeed by the gains.
  Bottlemate utilizes high-tech post-production equipment providing electroplating, sand blasting, printing, hot stamping, and flame treatments, to name a few. This equipment provides production efficiency for the customization of packaging components. We provide high quality, and high efficiency in all our manufacturing processes. Our clients enjoy the convenience of direct business communications, and accelerated product transactions from pre-manufacturing to product delivery.
  Bottlemate ensures manufacturing precision maintaining product standards. Newly developed products are tested in our research department by our quality control experts using high international standards and testing devices.
We deliver to our clients satisfaction, and the highest quality product.


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